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Terms and Conditions

  1. Only the customer of the vehicle as mentioned in the agreement is authorized to drive the vehicle, as well as the person(s) mentioned in the agreement as additional driver(s). In case there is an accident and the driver is not mentioned in the agreement as customer and/or as additional driver and consequently is not authorized to drive the vehicle, the insurance becomes invalid (lapses) and the customer is completely responsible for all direct and indirect loss.​

  2. In case you accept the EXTRA Insurance (CDW), your responsibility for damage to the vehicle you hire is US $1,000.00 for cars, US$ 1,500.00 for SUV and vans, US $ 3,000.00 for jeeps and exclusive cars. Extra insurance is valid only with police and/or Forensys report.

  3. The Extra insurance doesn’t cover the following situations: “one way” accidents, driving under influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, hitting rocks or stones, damages in any parking lots, off road driving, damages to third part exceeding US $ 50,000.00. If you don’t accept the Extra insurance, you are responsible for the total amount of loss.

  4. Deductible on third party insurance is US $ 250.00.

  5. In case the driver drives faster than the speed limit, the insurance becomes invalid. Driving faster than permitted is not allowed. You must slow down in case of a wet road surface.

  6. Damages and losses are charged as follow: Gas cap US $ 35.00, Hub cap US $ 40.00, Wheel wrench US $ 40.00, Jack US $ 95.00, Jack handle US $ 30.00, Antenna US $ 50.00, Radio dealer price, all Rims sizes dealer price, Tires of all sizes dealer price, lost of key with chip dealer price, key without chip US $ 125.00, Jeep full top US $ 1,000.00, Battery US $ 175.00, License Plate US $ 50.00, charges will be charged in additional if deem necessary to any labor done.

  7. Driving off-road and on white sand is not allowed. Any damage to the vehicle due to off-road is for customer’s account, including towing service.

  8. Jeep tops have to be on in case it rains, not doing so will result in wet sensors on the dashboard that will activate and light on, the vehicle computer has to be reset at the dealer on your cost. In case the vehicle seats are wet, we will charge you an extra day.

  9. In case of an accident call the police right away at 911, if you are aware that you are covered by your credit card company for collision, call your credit card immediately and obtain a case/claim number, because in case you are at fault in the accident all damages will be charge to your credit card as soon the Survey Report is done. Call our office at Telephone (297) 7441869 to report the accident. Make sure you get information of the other party such as the Name of the driver, license plate number, where the car is insured and the Agents name that took the information of the accident, could be a police officer or the Forensys agent.

  10. With the amount of gasoline that you are provided at the beginning of your rental you will have to return it back at the end. No refund if you tank too much.

  11. For each 1/8 of missing gasoline or diesel we charge US $ 25.00.

  12. Taxes amount charge to your rental car is Government tax and Airport fee.

  13. Vehicles are equipped with spare tire, jack and tools.

  14. ln case of locking your key in the car or got a flat tire you can call the road service at (297) 7441869 in case your license plate starts with “V” or call at 191 if your license plate starts with “A”. This service is free of charge, if you call us we will charge for these type of service US $ 25.00 daytime, nighttime US $ 40.00.

  15. Car stickers are not allowed to be taken off, by doing this we will charge US $70.00 for each.

  16. To leave your car in the public parking lot of the Airport, we kindly ask you to let us know in advance, by doing this you will have to leave the car with the driver door unlocked, the parking ticket under the driver seat and US $ 5.00 to take the car out. By not leaving the parking ticket, it will cost you US $ 55.00 charged to your credit

  17. Return the vehicle as agreed or the same time of pick up. If there is any change of time, date or place, please notify us at Tel. 7441869 during office hours 

  18. Excessive dirty vehicle (white sand, vomits, stains and mud) are subject to a cleaning fee of US $ 150.00. Do not eat in the vehicles.

  19. It is not allowed to go to the Natural Pool, doing this is on your own risk, any damage occurs to the vehicle will be on your own expenses. Towing services start at US $ 500.00 and go to a maximum of US $ 1,000.00. Towing service need to be paid direct to the towing company on the time of service.

  20. The customer is always directly responsible to We Du Carrental for all damages, including water damage for convertible vehicles. The customer declares to pay these damages before leaving the Island.

  21. I understand that declining the C.D.W. or not acting in accordance with the rental agreement and the additional condition, I am responsible for all loss, damage, towing, etc., of the vehicle regardless of the question of who to blame.

  22. My responsibility will not exceed the full value of the vehicle at the time it is lost or damaged plus actual towing, storage and survey fees and a reasonable charge for time loss. At all times, I will be directly responsible to We-Du Carrental for all damages, loss, etc., of the rented vehicle and hereby I authorize We Du carrental to charge my credit card with the respective amount to pay, whether on the same moment or after leaving the Island.

  23. During the weekend or Holidays, we are not able to have a quotation of damage, in this case the customer will have to sign the credit card for an estimate amount of the damage, as soon we have all the necessary documentation we will e-mail it to the customer and we will charge the credit card, all documentation will be e-mailed to the customer. Survey cost is separately.

  24. The customer gives We Du Carrental the power of attorney to use any credit card or company card of the renter if necessary to pay the damages, this will be sign on the contract in such case.

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